IMEC Technologies

IMEC Technologies is a supplier of data collection and Track and Trace solutions for use in regulated industries and healthcare environments. Our customers include some of the world’s leading organisation including Pfizer, American Airlines, Kerry Group and GlaxoSmithKline. Headquartered in Urbana, Illinois the company also has development and sales offices in the UK and Ireland.

IMEC Technologies’ solutions include

  • HazMat T&T, a Waste Management system used to track and trace all waste streams within organizations such as hospitals, oil and gas companies, chemical and pharmaceutical companies;

  • Inspector T&T a web based inspection system that will schedule, track, manage and report on any type of equipment, asset, location inspection or audit on a predefined planned schedule or on and ad hoc basis;

  • Navigation Material Movements, an RF Material Tracking System to track and report on material movements within a manufacturing company, Navigation Enterprise Labelling (NEL) which is a FDA and GMP compliant label design, approval, control, printing and reconciliation system for use in life science industries.