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RFID Tag Technology – A look back 10 years on

This article was originally written in 2010, an interesting read now to look back on RFID tag and its adoption as a technology since then. Most label converters have passed over the opportunity to move into RFID tag production because … Read more


Thermal Label printer

Thermal Transfer Printing V Direct Thermal, What suits your needs?

Most modern tabletop labels printers like those from Intermec, Zebra, Datamax, Sato and others are able to print in thermal-transfer and direct thermal modes. But there is a big difference in how this is achieved and why you would use … Read more


Label Printing and Packaging Industry – Some Predictions for 2019

For the label printing industry in 2019, the manufacturing sector appears headed towards a continuing and faster pace of consolidation. Some markets are now going through the inter-generational change that occurred in Australia in the last 15 years. Combine this … Read more


Label Copy Position – IMEC Media Knowledge Base

Label Copy Position: This is the first part of our new knowledge base features, we aim to provide vital information in a simple manner to our clients new and old. Here’s how different application methods affect the label orientation: For … Read more


Custom Label Printing Terms & Definitions

Custom Label Printing Terms & Definitions – We’ve compiled a list of label definitions ranging from common to technical terms to help you better understand the complexities of custom label printing. 4 Colour Process: Printing process that uses a combination … Read more


Thermal Paper Price Increases – The Trend Continues for 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we got more bad news for thermal paper prices, with more price increases announced.  After few months of chemical and paper shortage that started in 2017, the critical situation stays unchanged in 2018. The short … Read more


Product Labels

Product Labels Help Products Stand Out in Retail

Using Speciality Coatings and Product Labels to Help Products Stand Out in the Supermarket Aisle – Traditionally Product labels and packaging were developed and used for purely functional purposes, including the transport, storage and protection of everyday goods. Now we … Read more


UPM Raflatac – RW85C increases recycling efficiency for labelling PET containers in industries including food and beverage.

UPM Raflatac – RW85C increases recycling efficiency for labelling PET containers in industries including food and beverage. Reducing plastic waste is a high priority on the global packaging agenda, and companies are looking for solutions to maximize the recyclability of … Read more